Human Rights Posters

Regional Human Rights Commission

Icon Design and Poster Design

Using design to promote human rights education in the ARMM.

In 2013, the newly-formed Regional Human Rights Commission (RHRC) of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) sought to create a human rights poster specific to the region. The project benefited from a focus group discussion with community leaders, NGO representatives, legal professionals, and field officers from the RHRC. The final product was printed in eight languages specific to the communities of the ARMM; this includes indigenous people and citizens in conflict-ridden areas.

The first poster (2013)


This poster was distributed to schools, barangay halls, police stations, government offices, and public spaces.

All photos © Regional Human Rights Commission

Promoting rights for specific groups.

In 2015, we created six more posters. Printed in English and Tagalog, the new posters consisted of almost a hundred unique icons, each representing a unique human right. They required me to further understand cultural nuances in order to create precise and appropriate pictograms.