Book Covers

Various Clients


Sa Milflores, May Isang Hostes (at iba pang kuwento) by Rosario de Guzman-Lingat. In this collection, de Guzman-Lingat’s stories are firmly rooted in a specific time and place--the setting is always important. This study shows the street of the title story.

Client: Ateneo de Manila University Press


Unused cover study. Playing with the imagery of the milflores flower, which is also a symbol from the title story.


Desparesidos by Lualhati Bautista. In this reissue of Lualhati Bautista's classic, a footprint symbolizes impact, remembrance, existence, and loss. I aimed to communicate with new readers: young people who are unfamiliar with the writer, the story, or even the story’s historical context. It needed to be fresh but subtle, without the usual torture motifs which to me can seem visually uninviting and heavy-handed. Thus, a major decision was to color the print yellow instead of a more conventional blood-red.

Client: Anvil Publishing, Inc.


Unused cover study. The typography seeks to engage the viewers, making them read through the title. If the word is new to them, they may turn to the back cover to find out more--a good start.


MIESCOR Annual Report 2015. The cover is inspired by Futurism, the art movement that celebrates technology, machinery, and power. The lines evoke movement and hint at the geometry of electrical towers and structures. To "forge beyond" is to grow and progress fearlessly into the future.

Client: Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation (MIESCOR)


Unused cover study. This cover interprets "forging the future" as a human-centric task involving strength, hard work, and technical skill; in other words, manpower. It puts the MIESCOR worker front and center.


Bayan Academy Chairman's Report. The logo radiates outward like a firework, visualizing Bayan Academy's continued growth and success. Simultaneously, it connects with other elements like a woven tapestry, reflecting Bayan Academy's reach and influence.

Client: Bayan Academy


The Politics of Clan Reunions by Gaston P. Kibiten. A formal layout features snapshots from the author's visit to a Kankanaey clan reunion.

Client: Ateneo de Manila University Press


Unused cover studies. The initial cover concepts were marked by playfulness: a cartoon family, an invitation, a slab typeface. The last of these was reworked into the final output.


Treaty of Paris: Protocols and Papers. The book collects documents from the original 1898 agreement. The cover depicts the historic moment.

Client: UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea (UP IMLOS)


A Desperate Tenderness by Dana Lee Delgado. Expressive linework for a poetic, literary zine.

Zine by Dana Lee Delgado