Acclamation Point Corporation

Branding and Identity

Visualizing a company named after a unique punctuation mark.

The acclamation point is a little-known punctuation mark. It looks like an exclamation point, but with two upraised 'arms' instead of one. It signifies good-natured intent and welcome.

The acclamation point is visually iconic. It is also a symbol that holds meaningfulness for the corporation. These insights influenced my decision to incorporate the symbol into the logo.


Acclamation Point Corporation is skillful and trustworthy.

The symbol is both a stylized acclamation point and a shield. The former reflects the corporation’s unique name and its meaningfulness. The latter signifies the trustworthiness that APC upholds.

A third interpretation might see the symbol as a nib, to reflect the aspect of APC that skillfully deals in creative products and content generation.

The logo is inspired by the simplicity in the work of two distinguished identity designers: Adrian Frutiger and Sagi Haviv. Its roots in classic graphic design, independent of current design trends, may help increase its longevity.


Typeface. Galaxie Copernicus is a well-designed and balanced serif. Created as a ‘reconsideration’ of Plantin, it is just as versatile as its ancestor. It is inviting, yet formal, and is effortlessly noticeable in its elegance. It pairs well with many different typefaces.


Colors. This combination is uncommon, but professional. Mimosa is low-key, yet positive. It is especially eye-catching when paired with the subtle blue of Cool Gray.